About MORF®

MORF® (Multi-Omics Research Factory) was initially created by the BBSRC-funded DETOX project, led by Prof. Gavin Thomas at the University of York, to manage large and complex multi-omics datasets. Built by biologists for biologists, it allows the whole team to access the data securely from their browser, without the need for programming skills. As data becomes publicly available, it can be accessed and further analysed here. MORF's tools are also freely-available and include the MORF® genome browser, which incorporates over 100 microbial genomes, and MORFlux, a flux balance analysis (FBA) modelling tool.

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MORFlux FBA Tool

MORFlux is a browser-based tool for building and simulating flux balance analysis (FBA) metabolic models. Models can be loaded, edited, and simulated in the browser, or even built from scratch! FBA models can give useful insight into interventions to increase yields of valuable products.

Genome Browser

MORF's Genome Browser contains more than 100 genomes that can be explored in circular and linear views, each with annotated gene pages with the gene's genome context, linked experimental data, and linkouts to relevant gene and protein databases.